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GS3 partners architectsa singular agency… As they are designed just for you, you will recognise yourself in our works!

Who is GS3 ?

GS3 is not in the business to sell you architectural “haute couture”, but suggests a custom-made architecture, created just for you. We care to design an original architecture, because you’re worth it and not to flatter our ego.

GS3 proposes a contemporary and most charming architecture. This is the very least for an architects agency.

GS3 partners architects give 3 times more sense to you projects… A singular approach, custom-made and sexy !

GS3 is for you?

The high performances of GS3 are possible not only due to its team skills, but also and above all to GS3 organisation and internal method. Our size, neither too small nor too big, our complementarities, the individualised service enable us to both handle quite important projects and at the mean time remain close to our clients, and this during the whole project process.

If, in your mind, the criteria to be dealt with in priority are in the following order:

  • respect of budget,
  • respect of planning,
  • respect of program,
  • and after that, if all goes well, architecture…

… In that case, GS3 partners architects are all made for you!

As they are disigned just for you, you will recognise yourself in our works !

Our working method aims at respecting the order of these imperatives. We are able to stay humble and leave architecture at its best suitable position. This is precisely why GS3 partners architects are a “singular” agency. It’s often stated that our clients look like us. Not only by their desire, their sense of priority, their taste… But also by their size.

GS3 is a team of some ten persons, with complementary talents.

We most frequently design following types of project:

  • construction of new residential buildings;
  • transformation, division, reconstruction, reassignment of existing buildings into housing;
  • construction of multifunctional sports halls;
  • restoration of classified heritage buildings or remarkable buildings;
  • renovation of office buildings;
  • construction of metro stations;
  • and construction, extension of rest homes (nursing homes, MR & MRS).

We excel in complex projects, where many imperatives have to be taken into account.

Such as:

  • keeping the building occupied during the works;
  • when a high number of actors are involved;
  • when the owner is multiple;
  • when pre-existing technical constraints are to be considered


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